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Types of Art

Types of Art was a calligraphy class I took in my freshman year spring semester. We learned the history of print, the difference between how certain kinds of typefaces are used for different circumstances, how to create effective way finding,  how to use Adobe Illustrator to create the images to create the shapes of our letters, how to use glyphs and how to make our own type face. 

Malvar St.

The typeface I made is called Malvar St. which is the name of the street I grew up in Manila, Philippines. I decided to make the letters tall and thin to be reminiscent of the old, yellow-light lamp posts that are scattered on either side of the road. The road is also narrow, again reinforcing my choice for a thin type face.  I also decided to use a  serif font to appeal to the older generation because I live on the same plot of land as my grandparents back home. 

When hand-drafting the letters that I would use as reference to build the whole type I started with d, o and n to make sure that I had a good starting place to base all the arches and heights of my typeface. From there I built the other letters. 

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