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I create art that explores my day-to-day experiences, captures them visually, and relates them to the experiences of others. I rarely limit my color palette. I play with vibrant, contrasting colors, using them to create points of tension in my pieces in order to grab attention and create a greater impact. My pieces engage with texture and surface as  I invite my audience to touch my pieces and speculate why I chose them. I experiment with the dimensions of my work, often pushing my 2D pieces into the 3D world through layers of material and relief. 


After creating my first self-portrait in 2019, I became increasingly interested in exploring my thought processes and considerations. My process involves reflection and internal dialogue that manifests in color, shape, and texture. By creating art, I am forced to tackle these situations and analyze them in full. By completely analyzing these situations, I am able to create a piece that best visually represents the emotions, thoughts, and visceral experiences from that moment. There is a curiosity in me to see whether or not others view the world in similar ways that I do, and if not, in which ways do they differ?


My work often features my own portrait and body, acknowledging the fact that I and everyone around me contains multitudes. Because of our hybrid identities, our experiences rooted in different geographical spaces, the digital versus the analog world, I investigate different materials and allow for different points of entry. My more cartoonish and gestural stylistic choices are to allow images, characters and figures to be familiar while not speaking towards a specific person. These human-like figures and wide range of media allow my pieces to resonate with people across a large spectrum. 


Born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines, Mika Paredes started her artistic practice in the third year of high school and continued to pursue an Art Practice degree in New York University Abu Dhabi where she is currently studying. She has worked in a plethora of artistic spaces doing activities including managing the Mixed Media studios in New York University of Abu Dhabi and  illustrating for the variety of shows held in the Arts Center Abu Dhabi. Her works have been published in the Abh Dhabi based web magazines The Gazelle and Post-Script and exhibited in the Arts Center open studios. Other than visual arts, she has also dabbled in other creative fields such as video editing, having done an internship with the Youtube Channel ‘PAPS’ as their main video editor and brand design as the lead designer of the NYUAD’s 2020 iGEM team.

" I acknowledge and explore the fact that I and everyone around me contains multitudes and hybrid identities." 

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